Wildlife Women, INC. Is a nonprofit organization founded by Bridgette Holbrook a native of Whitesburg, KY.  Bridgette a country girl with a city job, grew up a coal miners daughter fishing with her papaw Charles! However, this was about the only outdoor activity her family enjoyed. Through her years she became interested in hiking, camping and horseback riding but only very few times. She was never exposed to guns and actually had an intense fear of them.

As time passes she was married and after had a beautiful baby girl who they found to be very sick with food allergies. They tried everything, but they soon discovered she could eat wild game without any consequences to her health. As the years went by, Bridgette became a single mother. At this point she was determined to be able to provide for her daughter on her own! This meant a better job, providing a home and learning to kill for her food! She chose to become a bow hunter due to her first intial fear of guns.   Successfully, she managed to harvest deer, boar and a cow elk. She said, the best feeling in the world is to sit at the dinner table with your own harvest feeding your child. This sparked a feeling of intense desire and determination to become an avid huntress. So she chose to only kill what we would eat! God had blessed her with this beautiful child, animals to feed her and the ability to harvest them!

Many years she had passed and she had met many wonderful friends along the way that taught, helped and encouraged her to hunt. But, it was when she started going completely alone that she realized she was not as good as she thought. She had an entire year without anything to show for it. She cried and cried at the end of the season and even debated on giving up.

That's when she took a drive to her favorite spot on pine mountain to do some thinking. She not only wanted to get better and actually learn how to use the equipment and how to set up a hunt, how to field dress an animal without any help. She wanted to get rid of the fear of guns she had developed. She wanted to find friends that enjoyed the same things she did. Also wandered if other women felt like her and just didn't know how to begin.
Then the idea came to start this group to Educate, Inspire and Encourage women to get outdoors and live the real wildlife. The result was the beginning of Wildlife Women! In a very short time we have grown from 8 to over 200 members with an avenue to also give back to veterans, disabled children and our communities!